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Known for his sense of decency and his sense of humor, Dr. Jensen Moore is the consummate healthcare professional, an All-American fighter for freedom: yours. At Arizona Family Wellness.

Dr Jensen Moore

“Giving you back your ability to move… so you can spend active, quality time with your loved ones… that’s my life’s work. I love my family and I love what I do.” -- Dr Moore

It’s All Interconnected

An expert in the care of the central nervous system (CNS), Dr. Jensen Moore opened his practice in chiropractic medicine in 2017. He recognized even greater needs in the community as patients experienced illnesses that were cutting them off from living their lives to the fullest. And their CNS was the cause of their confinement.

Expanding his practice beyond chiropractic care, he focused on helping those who have been deprived of movement, sensation, and active lifestyles due to CNS issues. Exploring new technologies, Dr Moore and his staff now provide state-of-the-art, specialized treatments at the forefront of CNS medicine.

Your new found freedom, secured.


The first consultation, which is complimentary, lets us identify what your specific CNS-related health problem is, and allows us to plan the steps we’ll take toward resolving it.


Knowledge is power: the more we can teach you about your condition, and the better you understand the treatments we provide, the sooner you’ll enjoy regaining your freedom.


When it comes to treating disorders of the nerves, the science has truly advanced. We have ways to not only halt the progress of the nerve loss, but actually regenerate them.

I got my life back. Thanks to Dr Moore and his compassionate team.

– S Curry

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