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No matter where we are in life, and no matter our age, our health is our freedom. That’s why we’re here. To keep you healthy – so you can keep making those moments with the people you love, free to enjoy every moment with your family. That’s why we’re. At Arizona Family Wellness.

I got my life back. Thanks to Dr Moore and his compassionate team.

– S Curry


Keeping your back, your spine, your vertebrae, your discs – all aligned, healthy, and well. Our compassionate and professional care is based on our holistic approach to wellness: it’s all connected. So we’ll put you -- and your back -- back on track, so you don’t miss a moment of the moments that make up a healthy, active lifestyle.

Neuropathy Treatment

The tingling. The pins and needles. The loss of sensation. The unsteadiness. It’s called neuropathy, and it’s caused by damaged nerves. But we have the technology: to not only restore sensation, feeling, and mobility, but to regenerate those injured nerves. To get you back on your feet, and enjoying your freedom of movement again.

GI Health Care

Our GI system reflects what we eat, affects who we are, and has an impact on our bodies and our healthy lifestyle. Diet, exercise, and sleep are only part of the story. We have the strategies and natural therapies to help you find the way to maintaining healthy body weight, and remain active.

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Conquering Neuropathy

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"Professional, experienced and ethical. So grateful that people and businesses like this still exist…truly skilled and that truly care about their patients."

– Adam L

New Patient Special Program

The fastest and best way to find real relief

As a new patient, you receive:

  • A 1-on-1 Consultation with Dr. Moore to review your case and determine if we are the right ones to help you

  • A series of discovery exams designed to get to the root cause of your problems

  • A personalized health and wellness blueprint that shows you our recommended treatment with the length of treatment and associated costs

Cost of the program: $79

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