Chiropractic Excellence:

Freedom of Movement

Chiropractic care goes well beyond realignments and cracking your back. At Arizona Family Wellness, we’re focused on getting you back to full-body health. Our comprehensive services are driven by our philosophy that keeping your spine and central nervous system healthy helps you achieve whole-body wellness.

Whole-body wellness starts with your spine. Click on the links above and discover our full range of services designed to help your whole family feel free to move freely. Without pain, soreness, or stiffness.


Back Pain

Our chiropractic treatments helps relieve pain for people experiencing a range of back issues, including:

• Disc bulges

• Subluxations

• Muscular Sprains

• Tendon and Ligament Strains

• Stress

Neck Pain

When your neck is in pain, we help relieve the inflammation and restore healthy movement, to get you feeling like yourself again.

Headaches and Migraines

Don't suffer another minute with debilitating migraine headaches. We can provide the relief you need to return to your regularly scheduled activities.


A compressed spinal nerve root in your lower back is the cause, and we’ll get to the root of the problem. So you can get back to enjoying pain-free family time.


When the spine is out of alignment, so is your life. We can provide the treatment to bring everything back to where it should be. Simply, thoroughly, and compassionately.


Arm & Leg

Whatever the physical ailment, whether it’s in your arm or your leg, we have the physical solution.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

A repetitive strain injury that causes tingling and numbness to your hand and wrist, we can treat your carpal tunnel syndrome successfully and compassionately.

Shoulder Pain

Inflammation of the shoulder joint can put limits on your activities – and your sense of well being. Our strategies and treatments will help you return to normal functioning fast.


Disc Injury

Few mishaps are more debilitating than an injury to your disc. But our staff is trained and experienced in caring for these injuries, and can put you on the path to recovery fast.


The sudden injury sustained in a case of whiplash requires the utmost in care. And that’s exactly what we offer, to bring you back to full mobility in no time.

Work Injury

When you sustain a work-related injury, it can put you on the sidelines, and affect your livelihood. That's why we offer the rehab plans designed to get you back on the job.

"Professional, experienced and ethical. So grateful that people and businesses like this still exist…truly skilled and that truly care about their patients. "

-Adam L.



Even young children can benefit from chiropractic care, and we offer your kids special services and regimens that keep their spine aligned and well, even as they grow.


As you prepare to bring a new family member into the home we’ll help you to do everything possible to keep yourself – and your bundle of joy – happy and healthy.

Wellness Care

Keeping the family healthy is your top priority…and ours. And we have the plans and programs for your whole family in the best shape of their lives.


When you’re dealing with vertigo, it can put you out of commission fast. But here, we have non-drug, non-invasive treatments that can get you back in the swing of things fast.

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