GI Health: Freedom to Reach Your Ideal Body Weight

Your whole body is connected to your central nervous system. And we have strategies that leverage those connections to help you not only lose unwanted pounds, but maintain a healthy overall body weight.

Our approach to helping people keep their gastrointestinal system

healthy is thorough and as always, compassionate.

About GI Health

Thankfully, for nearly every GI health problem, there is a safe and effective solution that can be approached through the CNS

Weight Loss

We offer the latest in weight-loss and weight-maintenance strategies, including red-light therapy. Inquire today.

Ease Bloating

The discomfort of gastrointestinal bloating can leave you sidelined.

"Professional, experienced and ethical. So grateful that people and businesses like this still exist…truly skilled and that truly care about their patients."

– Adam L

What is Meant By GI Health?

The “G” in GI health refers to your “gastrointestinal” system. Which is connected to your cenral nervous system. And here at Arizona Family Wellness, we have safe effective, non-invasive, non-drug treatments that can relieve GI symptoms and restore your well being.

Common Symptoms

People experiencing GI health issues should know: there are signs to look for:

• Gas and bloating

• Excessive weight gain

• Digestive problems

Arizona Family Wellness

Trust Your Gut Program

Available exclusively here at Arizona Family Wellness. Inquire today about how you can benefit from our proprietary services.

Drug-Free Therapies

Our medication-free approach avoids drug treatments and helps you restore the health of your GI system in a high-tech, all-natural way.

Tracking Progress

Through your treatment plan, we’ll track and monitor your progress and give you the structure and guidance you need to succeed.

Compassionate Care

As with every treatment we offer, we assure you that you’ll be cared for with kindness – as if you were a member of our very own family.

New Patient Special Program

The fastest and best way to find real relief

As a new patient, you receive:

  • A 1-on-1 Consultation with Dr. Moore to review your case and determine if we are the right ones to help you

  • A series of discovery exams designed to get to the root cause of your problems

  • A personalized health and wellness blueprint that shows you our recommended treatment with the length of treatment and associated costs

Cost of the program: $79

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