Custom 3D Orthotics

Do you often feel foot pain or discomfort? Has it affected your daily activities like walking or running? If you answer yes to all these questions, this is for you! Custom Orthotics are specially made insoles worn inside shoes for pressure points, add cushioning and support, and fix biomechanical flaws of the feet and legs. They can be made from various materials and shapes to suit your needs. Primarily, custom-designed to align with your ankle and feet perfectly. People can buy many orthotics in stores, but custom-designed and manufactured can help treat an individual’s imbalances. Patients with plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, and other foot conditions can find some relief with this technology.

Benefits Of Custom 3D Orthotics

Some people have foot mechanics that make them more likely to develop foot and leg injuries. But custom 3D orthotics has made it easier for people with such problems. It has also helped people with common foot problems. Moreover, people with some conditions mentioned below have felt the difference after using custom 3D orthotics.

  • Pes cavus (high arches) – Wearing orthotics may help reduce foot pain when worn regularly over a period.
  • Hallux valgus – People under 60 years of age who have their toe turn inward, i.e., a bunion, found some pain relief compared to no treatment.
  • Plantar fasciitis – For this condition, research suggests a combination of corticosteroid injections and correction of misalignments has helped with custom orthotics in daily routine.

How is it Made?

First, the person’s foot/feet are examined. During the assessment, we will ask about your symptoms. Then a thorough analysis of lifestyle, gait, and extremities is performed. It includes a treadmill, X-rays, and many other tests. We will do a 3-D scan of the feet. Then after considering all the symptoms, activity, footwear, orthotic prescription, and clinical needs, we will work on custom-made 3D orthotics. It would be a balance of both comfort and function.

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